What Others Say About Me...

Realtor For Life

Dustin was with us every step of the way. His responsiveness and understanding of the process made this an EASY transaction. We've done 2 purchases and one sale with Dustin -- It's fair to say he's our realtor for life.
---Shane and Allison

Our Hero

Thanks so much for these ideas. You were a hero for Rebekah and I during this storm - thank you!!

Outstanding Service

The service was outstanding. The time you devoted to our search was dedicated and thorough. You
made yourself so available to us and to our needs. Thank you.
--Tom and Whitney Braden

Integrity Loyalty Advocacy

So grateful for your steady, calm, acceptance, unflagging integrity and support, ability to change
course, helping to move obstacles where I might stumble, dedication and professional acumen.
Thank you for letting me lean in with the confusion, questions, ambivalence that entered into this
process, over many months, throughout the roads of Portland. Thank you for helping me fi nd this
place of home...So happy to have gotten to know you--have a tremendous regard and trust in you.
---Laura Walsh

Exceptional Realtor

“Dustin is an absolutely exceptional realtor who will go to the end of the earth to fulfill his client’s
objectives. Our last home purchase was a VERY complicated short-sale that took almost a year to
navigate and close. Were it not for Dustin’s industry knowledge and sheer hard work and tenacity
there was literally no way we would have gotten the property. I highly recommend him.”
–Todd and Carol Braden

Seller Out of State

Thank you so much! This has been hard for me--no family support and NOT being able to come
down there from Seattle. Thank you for taking care of the repairs and watering the grass! And
marketing and shows!
--Melanie Douglas

Long Journey Home

Excellent! Dustin has helped us on our 5 year journey to find the perfect home! Talk about
commitment! --Robbie and Rebekah McLane

Outstanding as Always!

Outstanding as always! We really appreciate all the ways you go above and beyond to make the process
as smooth as possible. Definitely more than a realtor! Thank you for another great LO buying
experience! And our first successful sale. So excited to have my sister next door.
--Lopez and Brittany